Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got questions? That’s absolutely fine. I strongly encourage anyone to do as much research as they feel is needed before trusting matters of belief and trust to any intuitive. It is your right.

Here are the answers to some questions I have been asked. If you have additional questions, contact me and I’ll give you my honest and best answer.

Do I have to be a Christian in order to receive a reading or healing?

While you and I don’t need to share the same beliefs, it is extremely helpful if you believe in a Higher Power. This can be any version of God, the Dao, or any Creator as I believe they are all names for the same Creator of All That Is. I call Him God, so please excuse the terminology in my reading or provide your preferred name for Him.

Will you see things I don’t want you to see in a reading?

In most cases, no. You have free will and your energy will keep that information personal unless it absolutely needs to be addressed for your highest good. I always put a person’s free will at the front of every intuitive experience. Your order is my permission to read your energy, but the depth to which I can go depends on how open you are and the level of trust between us.

Do you make personal appointments?

Yes, within reason and within my means. I value the connection of an in-person reading and am happy to discuss the possibility of an in-person experience. Feel free to contact me.

What’s your return policy?

Please review my Terms & Conditions for matters relating to refunds and my promise to you.