How to take a hand print

Taking Hand Prints



  • Try to take clear and clean handprints.
  • Send handprint or image/impression of both the hands. The print or image should be of a complete hand from wrist to fingertips and from thumb to little finger in width.
  • While taking the image or print, keep all the fingers open including the thumb so that the lines associated with fingers can be easily distinguished.
  • If you are taking an image using a camera or mobile, make sure to take the image on a dark background.
  • Send the images or scanned hand prints to us with your NameDate of Birth, and Date on which the image or palm print was takenSend only the recent hand prints/images.
  • If you are using the normal writing ink, then paint the ink at least 2 times, and after few seconds take print. Follow this process till you get a clear print. Send only the best hand prints/images.


There are differen methods with which you can take hand prints or image impressions.

  • Taking photo image using a digital camera.
  • Taking an image using a mobile camera.
  • Taking handprint using press ink or daily writing ink .

Taking photo image using digital camera or mobile

While taking a photo image make sure that the image shows all the major lines and even the minute lines clearly. To take an image, please follow the below steps.

  1. Keep your palm on a flat surface having a dark background. Make sure light falls evenly on the hand.
  2. Keep your mobile or digital camera in vertical position.
  3. Adjust the lense so that the lines on the palm (even the minute lines) appear clearly in the image.
  4. Now take the snap. The image should be of a complete hand covering wrist to fingertips and thumb to little finger.

Taking an image using press ink or writing ink

This is one of the ancient and most accurate method of taking hand prints. Even the smallest and minutest lines will appear clearly.

Note: Use either old tooth brush or cotton to spread the ink. If you are using tooth brush or brush, spread the ink from the wrist to the finger tips or vice versa (vertical). In case if you are using a print ink, then use a roller to spread the ink on the palm. See the online youtube video for more clearance.

  1. Spread a big white paper on a table or any horizontal surface.
  2. Now spread the ink (print ink or normal writing ink) on your palm. Spready it evenly. Preferabbly use BLACK ink.
  3. Now put your palm cautiously over the paper and press it. Do not press heavily or shake the hand. Take precaution that the center of the palm is pressed in such a way that you can feel it touching to the paper.
  4. After few seconds, take out your palm from the paper, first fingers and then wrist.
  5. Scan this print and send to us. While sending your prints, mention your NameDate of Birth and Date on which the palm print was taken. Send only the recent hand prints.

Please find the samples enclosed here to know how the prints should be:

Right Hand
Left Hand

Source for instructions here