What type of experience are you looking for? I offer services ranging from three card readings to full astrological chart readings and forecasts. Consider which experience suits your needs and make your selection below!

Please review my Terms & Conditions before committing to an experience.

3 Card Reading – $5

I will draw three cards on your behalf and explain their meaning for your life: past, present, and potential future.*

General 3 Question Reading with Cards & Bible Verse – $50

You will have the opportunity to ask me up to three questions that I will focus on in an in-depth reading, including a 3-card reading and a Bible verse selected especially for you.*

(if you do not wish to have a verse selected for you, please indicate this during the payment process.)

Astrological Natal Chart Reading with Single Add-On and 1-year Transit Forecast – $80

I will cast your birth chart and delineate every alignment and aspect on your chart in a digestible format and include a forecast for the next year of your life, including certain transits that may have a more significant effect on you.* You may also choose one add-on to be included in your reading or choose all three add-ons for a small additional fee.

Add-On* Options:

Romantic Outlook: I will read your chart to determine the qualities that will build a healthy relationship for you, as well as traits that may be important in a partner.*

Career Outlook: I will read your chart to determine the qualities that may suit you well in a career and provide a short list of careers that may suit those qualities to help inspire you.*

Life Purpose Outlook: I will read your chart to determine what your soul came into this life to learn and how that may apply to your real-life situation.*

Please Choose Your Add-on(s)

Healing – $100

I will perform a healing of my style derived from a blend of five different energy healing modalities. This can be done over a long distance.

I am currently learning a new type of healing modality that I believe will benefit you more than my current practice. Please be patient with me as I prepare to offer this improved method to you. Thank you!

Group Readings and Speaking Engagements

Please request group readings through the Contact Me form as they will be in-person occasions and the price will vary.*


*Please understand that you are a being of free will and none of this is law, just insight into understanding yourself and the Creator in a deeper way.